Primary Resources

Secondary Resources

  • SAM for Office2013 simulation in Computer Literacy
  • Clickteam Fusion for a 2D game design unit in Computational Thinking
  • CodingBat for practice in Python and Java
  • A+ Comp Sci for handouts and practice in Python and Java
  • GMetrix for certification practice in all courses
  • for open response questions (more info)

Standards and Certifications

Students who have completed their work are encouraged to explore the following resources: CS and Applications





VEX Robotics

Game Design

Documentation for our Apple IIe

Advanced Topics


  • JetBrains: Developer Tools for Professionals and Teams (free for students in the domain)
  • Colaboratory a Jupyter notebook environment from Google
  • provides virtual servers (I can create student accounts)
  • CS50 Sandbox: temporary programming environments for students and teachers
  • Code Printer for pretty output
  • PIXLR for image editing

Potential resources


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