The following terms will make sure our competitions are played fairly and everyone has an equal chance at winning.

Player Rules

Children only of or below the ages of 12 will be eligible to compete in the virtual event.

Any help of others during game play will be eliminated.

Players cannot "team-up" or work together during the game.

Once a player is eliminated, the player is not allowed a second chance.

Participants must be registered within the registration window in order to compete among the dates of zoom sessions to be judged.

Game Rules

Any player found using "hacks" or tricks that are not skill-related will be booted.

Any player found using a device other than a PC keyboard or a laptop keyboard will be booted. Additionally, the game is not playable on mobile devices.

Players must start the game at the beginning of the game during the zoom session, this layout page in the game will be the "Forest Map".

Final Game Play Rules

During the zoom session, each player must have the "Share Screen" in zoom turned on, this will turn on their device's broadcast, helping the Judges view the player's progress.

If a player is unable to Share their Screen due to device issues, players can freely use any local device freely available in their areas in order to broadcast their gameplay. This could be their local library, school, or other.

During gameplay, participants must have their cameras turned on with their screen broadcast, this will help confirm the identity of the participant. Additionally, helps judges make sure are playing fairly.