The Lane's


Our doctor in Georgetown is cooperative, but has limited experience with autism. We, like many parents, sought a specialist to supervise our son's biomedical interventions.

We looked for a DAN! doctor in the area. After failing to find one, we took our son to Dr. Mary Ann Block in Fort Worth, TX. We have also taken him to Dr. Karen Mason at the University of Kentucky.

We later learned about Dr. John Baird in Louisville (502-339-6550) and Dr. Nicholas Martin in Lancaster (859-792-3042). Our son has seen Dr. Baird and we recommend his services.

Dr. Maureen Pelletier is a DAN! doctor practicing in Cincinnati (877-548-5664). She is currently seeing our son and we recommend her.

We were extremely impressed with Dr. Jeff Bradstreet and Dr. Jerrold Kartzinel after meeting them at the ASA 2002 conference. Their work at the The International Autism Research Center is wonderful. Unfortunately they have a waiting list to get on their waiting list. I recommend reading Dr. Bradstreet's congressional testimony from April 25, 2001.

We have heard praise for Dr. Stephanie Cave and Dr. Amy Holmes. They have an office in Louisiana and a fairly long waiting list. Vaccine safety appears to be one of their areas of expertise. I am not aware of any web pages mantained by their practice, but Dr. Cave recently published book called What Your Doctor May Not Tell You About Children's Vaccinations.